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Studio photography in a studio like ours, where you have all the equipment you could ever want and of course cameras and lenses, it looks easy....but without our knowledge and experience it would be worth nothing. One day we may have to replicate sunlight bursting through a window, or create a very dramatic set for a fashion shoot. We can do it because we are 'the light artists'.

November 2017
Asda, Richard Downey Sports, Makeup Arts, Crosslee Plc, Ellis Furniture, Corby Distillerise.

From models to still life and room sets we can do it

The Brownlee Brothers in Adrian Forrest's Studio in Leeds
The Brownlee Brothers image was one of a series taken for their French helmet manufacturer. Its a serious thing going for gold medals so the guys tend to keep a serious face for shots - but behind the scenes they are a great pair of guys.
Make up arts shot by adrian forrest
The shot was for a Leeds company who wanted to showcase their look and feel in one shot! The girl was stunning and holding that position while make up was added and altered was actually quite hard work, so well done Rasheen.
white knight advertising image by adrian forrest
We have done many commissions for Crosslee Plc and for this project we had to actually came up with a new logo. Why....we had a shoot scheduled to supply images for the Munich White Goods Fair. The powers that be kept on rejecting the London agencies logo ideas, so we took it upon ourselves and worked through the night to create their new brand logo, hopefully! We created 4 designs, all totally different and they chose 2 of them! Errr, we said can you choose one please so we can go ahead with the shoot for the show.
Ellis Bathroom Furniture shot by adrian forrest
This image was created for Ellis Furniture through their design agency Frontline Promotions. It was part of a series for their upcoming brochure. We even had to clone the tiles for an extra 1.5m as we just could not get enough of them. Might not look it but the set from back to front was 8m, and when you must not walk on the tiles after grouting, it was no mean feat, especially to clean the set!
Lambs Rum shot by adrian forrest
Lambs Spiced Rum - We had a whole series of images to shoot for a restaurant menu and it did take longer than we thought because of all the tasting....somebody had to try them!

We get judged on results not by how hard the shot was to take!

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