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Sometimes its waiting for the right light, other times its weather dependent and sometimes we are at the clients mercy! Deadlines are our hated nemesis...but we have to stick to them. But a deadline also makes you focus, and then deliver! But on location nothing beats great light, unless of course it is a night shot!

April 2017
Cardinal, City Lofts, England Agency, Singlive, RNIB, Verona Tiles, Richard Downey Sports.

We create images where there appears to be none.

factory image by af
Cardinal Fitting
city lofts advertising image by adrian forrest

City Lofts - Manchester

Singlive at Epcot
Some things you will never forget...this was shot on the day of 9/11
Just love these flowers in a field
Verona tile shot. This image actually on uses 1 set of background tiles that was approximately 500mm x 2000mm in size. I shot the background then moved it along, and then repeated the process.
Quite a scary stare....that's Non Stanford. Try racing against her!

The Final Result

Grabbing the public's attention isn’t enough; you have to keep that attention for at least a few seconds. This is where your image quality comes into play and the fact that your customers love the image.

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We create amazing images for creative people all around the UK and help brands and associated company products stand out from the crowd.

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