About Us

We box clever sometimes, but we always get the shot!

af provides a service that works for us, our clients, and hopefully new clients!

We listen to what is needed, we explain what we can do, and then hopefully we move forward together....sometimes peoples expectations cannot be guaranteed with their proposed budget but we will always be honest and tell you!

Clients look for new suppliers because they perhaps feel they need new impetus. They want more than they are currently getting! Well at af we listen, then listen some more, and then we offer solutions. At af we will keep you appraised at all times when there are cost implications so there are never hidden charges.

Where We Work

The Studio

We create images that stand out from the crowd. You want to be seen, you want to sell your services, then get the best quality images you can!

af lives for creating great images

Originally born in Sunderland. then whisked off to Zambia, Africa for his first 7 years of life. What did this do to this young northern creative...well Adrian learnt to love mango's and then when he came back to the UK, learnt to hate the cold!

Adrian trained in Leeds at Kitson College, and then moved on to work with Tim Megson as his assistant, then junior photographer, and then...you guessed it, a fully fledged photographer. He did a stint then with Big Fish Studios, and then went solo. Nothing apart from a background in commercial photography working up the ladder so to speak, can prepare you for the stuff you have to do. From room sets decorating, painting, building walls, building gardens in the studio and shooting Christmas shots in July!

Adrian moved into video when the world went digital and into the 'Mac' world. And being honest the world changed, typographers disappeared, and retouching images got a lot easier....ha ha. I once paid a studio in Manchester £350 to clean some smile lines from a beautiful models face, because even at 25....she looked old! What....Mr Hufton, you chose the model...phew rant over.

Enough said, af is waiting to hear from you.